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jeudi 19 juillet 2007

Traveling Generation

They keep on traveling around the world. They're coming from different roads and the link between them is their open minded spirit. They share their rides to know each other, to know the world, to know themselves. Who are they? Maybe just you.

mercredi 18 juillet 2007

Youth hostel staff: Rebecca from San Francisco and David from Lagos.

An hostel can be great for different reasons: location, building, accomodation quality...but one is essential: the staff making it a living place.

What is great in a youth hostel is that most of the people working are also travelers. That's a really good point to be understood and to share experiences with them.

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The city of Lagos is a key location for people traveling through Europe. Situated at the South West end of the continent, it can be seen as the last stage of your trip or the open door to Africa.
Thats why maybe this hostel has got such a strong spirit. But for sure the people working there (Mena, Pedro, Rogerio and David) will tell you a lot about the traveling spirit and the portuguese culture. Just go and talk to here, and if you stay enough to know them, I'm sure that they will guide through the streets of Lagos like David did for us. Thanks again man!

Great spot for travelers: Folk Music Center, Claremont California

"The Folk Music Center Museum was opened in 1976 as a non-profit educational, cultural corporation. The first museum collection was a Stauffer guitar and a Stauffer Theorbo, both dating back to the 1880's, that Charles and Dorothy found in a second hand store for five dollars. The Museum now contains rare and antique musical instruments and artifacts of culture from around the world.

Recently, Dorothy and Charles' daughter, Ellen Chase-Verdries began managing the store. Her son, Ben Harper purchased the store from his grandparents in order to keep the Folk Music Center in the family and alive for the generations to come." (

On my way from San Francisco to Los Angeles I decided to stop for a while in Claremont just to spend a moment in the folk music center. For all folk music fans, there is a festival taking place every year the first week-end of May.

F.M.C is also known to be the place where Ben Harper started learning guitar.

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mardi 17 juillet 2007

Portraits of a travelers: Ayesha from Australian, Marion from France and Matteo from Colombia.

There are different ways to travel. Some people do it for a week, others for a month and some for more. I met Ayesha from Australia in Fisherman's wharf youth hostel. Before coming to San Francisco, she stayed for a couple of months in New-Zealand.
After a few days in the youth hostel, she found a shared flat and started working to stay for three months in U.S.A. Then she will go to India, Israel and Europe. Nomadism seems to be a way of life for more and more people.

Matteo is from Colombia, traveling around Europe for a couple of weeks before going to Germany where he is going to study. When you are traveling, you often meet people that teach you a lot of things about your own country. that's what happened with Matteo when we strated talking about France..
In this interview, he talks about the journey of a traveler. You go for a walk with spanish girls,on the way you meet a french guy and your day turns into an international celebration, switching from one language to another, and in the end you've got more ideas for your next trips.

Marion was traveling through Portugal with her sister on the way to her cousin's wedding. Before heading South, they spent a few days in a local family from the North of Portugal. According to her, it is the best way to get introduced to a culture. We can just agree, how far it is from the standards where you get a stereotyped vision of a country, if ever you see it....

As she said, when you travel you feel closer to people even though you know them just from yesterday. Maybe it's because you are away from your personal habits, your people, your city and your culture. Everything you use to know is left and in this situation a traveler is not another face in the crowd, it's somebody with whom you will share a special moment of your life.

lundi 16 juillet 2007

Fisherman's wharf youth hostel

Think about one of the most wonderfull city of the world, think about a peacefull park in a hill dominating a magic bay. In this park there is a white hostel with people coming from all over the world. Let's see if your imagination was right...

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Haight Ashbury street fair and Lagos Folklore Festival.

The intersection between Haight and Ashbury streets were the creativ and exuberant center of San Francisco (and the world?) during the sixties. Artists and bands like Janis Joplin or Gratefull Dead were living in the district.
What's going on there 40 years after the summer of love? Just have a look at this video taken during the Haight Ashbury street fair of this year.

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Folklore Festival of Lagos

During the third week of August, the streets of Lagos become the scene of an open festival where world music leads people into joy and happyness, dances and parades.

Carnaval Of San Francisco

The Mission area is known for its latin atmosphere full of colors, music and art. It is an open gallery where you will see mural paintings all along your walk through the area. Mission is an invitation to enter the warm and welcoming latin way of life.
Here is a video of the Carnaval taking place every year during the last week-end of May.

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